Available in 304 and 409 stainless steel, the BFT6318STA 18 ton truck mounted top delivery auger tender is our mid sized tender designed to give you more capacity when a 16 ton tender just isn't big enough.  Compact enough to still fit well on a tandem axle chassis, most customers choose to add a third axle to take full advantage of the additional capacity.  This particular unit is shown with the optional separate dry chemical tender.  The BFT6318STA utilizes a 10X13X10 auger system, large trap openings, and steep slopes to offer an unloading rate of up to #3500 per minute.  The rotating delivery auger allows for filling of multiple compartments without the need for repositioning.  The 19 foot long delivery auger will make filling any applicator easy.  Discharge heights of over 20 feet high and a long reach allow applicators to park away from the tender keeping your equipment and personnel safe from harm.