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New for 2023, Simonsen introduces the N84LS 8 ton pull type spreader.

We, here at Simonsen Industries are excited about the release of our new N84LS 8 ton fertilizer spreader available now to order for fall/winter delivery but let's hear from one of our customers who just purchased two for his fleet.

"Prarietown Feed Service has proudly owned Simonsen spreaders for nearly 50 years.  My Dad bought our first Simonsen in October of 1976 and we have had them in our fleet ever since.  Over the years we have owned other brands of spreaders but we always come back to Simonsen.  Nothing compares to Simonsen when it comes to durability and dependability.  Our growers regularly comment that they prefer our Simonsen spreaders over any other because in their words, Simonsen spreaders always work.  Prarietown Feed Service is proud to be involved in the launch of the Simonsen's new N84LS spreader series." - Tim

Congratulations to Prarietown Feed Service for their purchase of the first N84LS spreaders.  We look forward to working with Prarietown Feed Service for another 50 years and beyond.
Don't neglect maintenance!

Reconditioning Services

After you get through the hustle and bustle of this fertilizer season, take a look at your equipment and see if it could benefit from reconditioning.   We will dismount your equipment and disassemble it for sandblasting, repair anything that is in need of repair, and replace any parts that are not good enough to go back on the unit.  After reconditioning, the unit will be primed and painted and new decals applied.  Custom colors are available.  We offer this service for rear, side, and top auger tenders, pull spreaders, grain trailers, or anything else that fits our knowledge base.  It doesn't even have to be a Simonsen.  Tell us what you have and we'll be happy to evaluate it for you.  We normally have a waiting list so call us early.  Even if you are not ready to bring your equipment, you can save a slot.
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