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Available in 304 and 409 stainless steel, this 24 ton truck mounted top delivery auger fertilizer tender is designed to give you the capacity you need when pulling a trailer just isn't right for your operation.  Keeping your tender truck mounted makes access onto country roads and narrow field entrances much easier when compared to a trailer.  The 10X13X10 delivery auger system, large trap openings, and steep slopes combine to offer unloading speeds of up to #3500 per minute. The rotating delivery auger allows for filling of multiple compartments without the need for repositioning.  The 20 foot long delivery auger will make filling any applicator easy.  Discharge heights of over 20 feet high and a long reach allow applicators to park away from the tender keeping your equipment and personnel safe from harm.  Blue color is standard but other colors are available upon request.
  • 840 Cubic foot capacity (24 ton)
  • 4 standard six foot compartments with splits available (up to 8 total compartments)
  • 6" higher side option available.
  • 14"X18" stainless steel slide gates.
  • Stainless steel hopper, auger tubes, and flighting.
  • 10"X13"X10" stainless steel auger system.
  • Unloading rate of up to #3500 per minute
  • Heavy duty tandem pump.
  • Heavy duty hydraulics with liquid filled gauges located on the rear passenger corner for easy operation.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic motors are isolated from the fertilizer to minimize maintenance and prolong their useful life.
  • Hydraulic raise/lower on the delivery auger.
  • Hydraulic power turn on the vertical auger.
  • Large pit dump/cleanout on the vertical auger.
  • Removable cleanout cover between vertical and delivery augers.
  • Stainless Steel hopper, slide gate assemblies, auger tubing, and auger flighting.
  • Full length fold down catwalks available.
  • Large hydraulic reservoir.
  • Full length fenders.
  • Manual or electric roll tarps available.
  • Dry chemical bin option available.

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